FAS requires even more assemblers

Posted on: Thursday, January 8th, 2015

As a result of recent recruitment we have expanded our pool of part time sub contract assemblers from around 120 a year ago to just over 160 today and yet we still require more assemblers to enable us to meet the growth in demand for our services.

As a result of this growth we have appointed an additional manager, Clive, who has considerable experience of flatpack assembly as well as having expertise in communications systems.

The background of our assemblers is rich and varied, from youngsters to retirees, from sole traders to small service companies, the common ground is a love and knowledge of flatpack assembly and a keen interest in keeping customers happy.

If you feel you have the qualities that we require, competence, integrity and a keen interest in serving our customers and clients, please contact us by emailing a brief resume to info@furniture-assembly.org.uk. We are waiting to hear from you.