The Do’s and Don’ts of Flat Pack Furniture Assembly

Flat pack furniture assembly doesn’t have to be difficult. If you follow some basic tips, you are more likely to have success when assembling this type of furniture. While a professional assembler might be able to do things in a jiffy by themselves, it can take more than one of the average do-it-yourselfer to achieve assembly.

Here are the basic do’s and don’ts of assembly.

Do Prep Your Workspace

A cluttered workspace won’t make anything easier! Clean and dust a large area of the floor or table to work on. Lay out all your tools. Clear the walkway to the restroom, your drinks, and the electrical outlet.

Don’t Take the Glue Out Right Away

Double and triple check that you are supposed to glue something before doing it. Ripping apart glued surfaces can cause irreparable damage to furniture. At best, you’ll have to clean up a lot of glue and wait for the wood to dry before proceeding.

Do Use Tools You Know How to Use

This means getting help from someone if the instructions call for a tool you don’t know how to use. Don’t be shy!

Don’t Move Furniture Right Away Once Assembled

Let everything dry all the way! Also, take care not to stress new joints. Build your piece as close to the desired usage area as possible and wait until all the glue has dried to use the furniture.

Do Communicate Well with Your Buddy

When you work together on flat pack furniture assembly, it can be hard to keep your cool when you go too fast. Take it easy and take time to communicate well, whether you’re working with your friend or your spouse.

Don’t Skip Instructions

Read the instructions all the way, and then read them again. Remember that every note is on the page for a reason! Don’t get discouraged and try to guess. Take a break and come back to the paper in ten minutes.

Do Return to the Store for Parts

If you need another part for some reason, quickly go to the store for it. If you go within 90 days of purchase, many stores will give you small parts like screws for no charge.

Don’t Call Customer Service for Aid

Wouldn’t it be nice if stores had furniture assemblers on the phone? The truth is that customer service probably doesn’t know how to assemble your furniture. If they do, they aren’t likely allowed to give out advice on the phone. Call a friend for help.

Grab your flat pack furniture assembly project and get started! If you need help, be sure to call Furniture Assembly Services. We will assemble it in your home. Request a quote online or call 0800 090 135 now.

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