Terms and Conditions

A. Appointments

A.1. The date and time of the appointment will be confirmed to the customer by email or text.
A.2. The assembler will endeavour to arrive within 30 minutes of the scheduled job start time. Should the assembler be delayed by circumstances outside of their control, either the assembler, or a FAS manager, will contact the customer as soon as possible to inform them of the delay. Under such circumstances a delayed start will be proposed, but if such proposal is unacceptable to the customer then an alternative appointment will be arranged.
A.3. FAS Ltd requires the customer to give 24 hours notice in the event that they are unable to keep an appointment, otherwise FAS Ltd reserves the right to charge for a failed visit.

B. Quotations and Prices

B.1. Quotations are provided on the basis of the description given by the customer. The price quoted will be honoured providing that the items to be assembled are as described in the quotation which has been accepted by the customer.
B.2. If items are not in, or immediately adjacent to, the area where they are to be assembled, then additional charges may be levied for the time taken to transport them to the assembly area.
B.3. If items are to be dismantled; additional charges may be levied for the time taken to remove them to a storage area designated by the customer.
B.4. If items are to be assembled in a garden area, then that area must be clean and clear of pet fouling when our assembler arrives. If this is not the case then either an additional charge will be levied for waiting time while the area is cleared by the customer, or a failed assembly visit will be charged, and the assembly will have to be rebooked.
B.5. Removal of packaging is at the discretion of the assembler unless already agreed and included on the quotation. If agreed with the assembler, then a reasonable charge will be levied for the additional time involved in such removal and disposal of the packaging, including any charges levied by the council for non-domestic waste disposal.
B.6. If previously assembled (either fully or partially) items are to be assembled, FAS Ltd reserves the right to modify the quoted price if there is damage to the parts that was not adequately identified in the assembly request.
B.7. In the event of missing parts from the item, we will endeavour, with the customer’s agreement, to complete as much of the assembly as possible. It is the customer’s responsibility to request the missing pats from the supplier of the item. Should a return visit be necessary to complete the assembly, this will be charged at our normal rates.

C. Damage

C.1. In the unlikely event of any damage to the customer’s property occurring during the assembly, such damage must be pointed out to the assembler, who will note such damage on the FAS Ltd Invoice/Satisfaction note. Such damage must also be reported to FAS Ltd within 24 hours. Any claims made outside of this time limit will not be considered.
C.2. Photographic evidence of the damage should be recorded and forwarded to FAS Ltd as soon as feasible and within the 24-hour time limit stipulated above.

D. Payment

D.1. Payment is due on completion to the satisfaction of the customer. Such satisfaction is to be recorded by the customer’s signature on the dated invoice/receipt presented by the assembler.
D.2. Payment may be made in any of the following ways, whichever is most convenient for the customer.
D.2.1 Direct electronic transfer to FAS Ltd bank account (Details on the Invoice presented by the assembler).
D.2.2 Cheque to the assembler and made payable to “FAS Ltd”
D.2.3 Cash to the assembler

E. Store Invoices

E.1. Store invoices are to be paid within the terms stated on each invoice. Invoices which are significantly overdue may be increased with statutory interest chargeable under late commercial payment regulations.

F. Warranty

F.1. Assembly work is warranted to comply with the assembly instructions. Any latent faults in assembly will be corrected under warranty. Adjustments that are later required due to fair wear and tear are not covered and will be subject to a revisit charge.
F.2. Modifications of any kind will only be carried out with the express permission of the customer AND the manufacturer/supplier, to preserve the validity of the product warranty.

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