The Top Struggles of Flat Pack Furniture

Flat pack furniture, which were conceptualised nearly five decades ago, have hugely evolved over the years. Also referred to as knock-down fittings or ready-to-assemble units, flat pack furniture is very popular.

From dining tables, bedroom furniture and office furniture to bookshelves, patio furniture, beds, closets, and cabinets, several furniture pieces are sold in in flat pack or knocked down form.

If you are thinking of buying flat back furniture, we recommend hiring a reliable flat pack furniture assembly service. This will save you the hassle involved with putting together flat pack furniture.

Here are some of the top struggles of flat pack furniture that can make the entire process troublesome and frustrating.

Putting the Pieces Together is a Struggle

Our professional flat pack furniture assembly technicians aver that difficulty in putting the pieces together is flat pack’s most glaring drawback. No wonder, majority of those who order flat pack struggle to assemble the pieces on their own.

It would be more practical to hire a flat pack furniture specialist. This can help save your time and energy, which you could focus on tasks you specialise in.

Inaccurate Assembly

Not being able to accurately assemble the different parts is another disadvantage of flat pack furniture.

Many of our customers contact us after ending up inaccurately assembling their flat pack furniture. Even though they follow the instructions, by the end of it, they find that the cupboard doors do not open/close properly. Or that the drawers do not open/shut appropriately.

Eventually, you have to disassemble all the parts and start afresh. Save the frustration by calling our flat pack technicians.

Insufficient Instructions

Many a time, the instructions in the flat pack manual may be insufficient or even misleading. The wordings or text used to describe the steps could end up confusing you utterly. Ultimately, you end up assembling a cabinet or bookshelf that does not look like one.

Very Time-Consuming

In order to accurately put the pieces together, you repeatedly assemble and disassemble the various components. The whole exercise can be very time-consuming and even after spending hours you may not get it right. Entrusting the flat pack furniture assembly job to a professional not only ensures that the installation will be perfect but also helps save your time and effort.

You Could Easily Miss Some Instructions

You could easily miss some of the instructions, thanks to the fine print. The fine print comprises of very small letters and so it is hardly surprising that most people cannot read the text clearly. It does not need to be emphasized that your assembly will not be accurate if you overlook even one step.

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