Interior Design Trends for 2021

Looking to update your home? Decorating your home could be fun and finding the right style to transform your space isn’t that difficult. In fact, with our flat pack furniture assembly services, renovating or updating your home is easy. All you need is to know what design elements you want to incorporate in your home.

In this post, we help you do just that. We take a look at the top interior design trends for 2021 that you can implement in your home.

Nordic Simplicity

Scandinavian design principles are known for their simple, functional and minimalist design aesthetic.

Evolving from the Structured Simplicity trend of 2020, this style is aimed at creating a comfortable, calm, chilled-out space to relax in. It is all about making your home a safe, relaxing haven to rest and rejuvenate.

Neutral Neutrals

A combination of grey and beige (greige) is an exciting colour trend for 2021. Grey has been a constant part of home decor in the recent past, becoming a mainstay of interior décor colour palettes.

However, if not balanced well, grey could leave your space feeling cold and distant. Beige, its alternative, can sometimes feel too warm.

Combine them both and you have a perfectly balanced neutral shade.

Eclectic Glamour

This trend brings a lot of confidence, sass and boldness to the table. It is all about adding elements of luxury to your home in any way possible. Plush rugs, rich velvets and glass and gold accessories are some examples.

Sustainable Furniture

With the world collectively becoming focused on sustainability, people will begin to look towards building a more eco-conscious home. Our flat pack furniture assembly specialists are seeing huge interest in natural wood and reclaimed wood furniture, especially when it comes to modern coffee tables and dining tables.

Natural Materials

Nature is an essential part of our lives and yet we have somehow distanced ourselves from nature in our daily lives. We’ve lost contact with water, earth, heaven and all the elements that are abundantly found outdoors, which make us feel relaxed, fresh and in unison with Earth.

The year 2021 will see a huge interest in incorporating elements of nature into our homes. Plants are the simplest and easiest way to achieve this look. Other materials include wood, stone, sea shells, beach sand and more.

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