The Best Garden Toys for Children

COVID-19 has kept us indoors for the longest time but that does not mean we cannot enjoy the garden. Getting kids outdoors helps kids get some fresh air and exercise and keeps them away from computer screens and TV for a few hours.

Moreover, playing outdoors encourages children’s curiosity, giving them the platform to question and learn whilst also improving their gross motor skills.

As flat pack furniture assembly specialists, we have installed a wide range of garden toys across the UK. In this post, we look at some of the best garden toys to install in your outdoor area.


A trampoline provides the perfect solution for your kids to become active. Kids like adventure but the allure of mobile phones can be distracting.

Get them away from the faux adventure and let them have some real fun by installing a quality trampoline in your backyard. This is a garden toy that everyone in the family can safely indulge in whilst having hours of fun and some quality family time at the same time.

Climbing Frames

This is another outdoor toy that’s ideal for all age groups from toddlers to pre-teens. Climbing frames are a brilliant way to boost your kids’ confidence while ensuring they get some exercise.

Some children simply love hanging upside down, climbing and moving and a climbing frame is a perfect fit for these active kids.


Sandpits have a magnetising allure about them that pulls kids. What’s more, a sandpit can keep your toddler engaged for hours together! There’s so much to do from pouring sand and making it wet to building sandcastles and making patterns, there are endless ways to have fun with sand.


Is there a child who doesn’t love swings? Even the child in you loves swings!? Wink wink!!

Imagine swinging higher, higher and higher, feeling the breeze in your face and simply letting loose. Wouldn’t that be great? Having your very own swing set in the garden can offer hours of fun and frolic for kids of all ages.


Another all-time kids’ favourite, a slide will keep your kids amused and happy. Whether you are looking for a plastic slide or a metal one, you can find one in an array of sizes, from 3ft slides through to 9ft slides.

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