To Paint or Not to Paint

Even the best quality paint is bound to lose its sheen and chip off over time. Repainting your house will help retain its curb appeal as well as resale value.

Although hiring a professional painter is recommended, you can go the DIY way if you are up for it. Apart from the savings, the excitement of painting the entire home yourself is simply incomparable.

Benefits of DIY Painting:

  • Cost Savings – That you’ll save substantially by not engaging a professional painter could highly motivate you to go DIY. Then again, repainting the house can be an effective and affordable way of sprucing up the home when you don’t have the resources to renovate. You can invest a proportion of the amount that you’d have paid for hiring a professional towards purchasing quality paint, paintbrushes, paint roller, drop cloths and other painting essentials.
  • Creativity – When you engage a painter, you lose control over how the painting job will be carried out except choosing the colours. However, with DIY painting, you have complete control over every aspect from choosing the colours and daubing styles to putting the finishing touches.
  • Complete the Project at Your Own Pace – Majority of the proficient and experienced painters tend to be highly sought after, which means they have their hands full most of the time. So, chances are that the professional you hire will try to complete your job as early as possible, thereby adversely affecting the quality of painting. On the other hand, if they take their own sweet time, you’ll be staring at an inflated invoice. When you paint on your own, you can complete the project at your convenience.
  • A Sense of Achievement – The sense of achievement of having completed a home improvement job yourself is beyond compare. The satisfaction you derive by completing a DIY job surpasses the gratification you have from cost savings.

Problems with DIY Painting

Applying a new paint coat on the walls in your house on your own is easier said than done. You may not be able to accomplish the job as competently as a professional as you lack the expertise and experience the latter has. Unlike a professional painter, you may not be aware of the appropriate painting tools and materials to use.

You’ll struggle to install scaffolding, climb up and down ladders, and work in harsh weather when it comes to painting the home’s exterior surface. No wonder, home painting is a job that is best left to professionals.

Parting Thoughts

However, there are some things that only a professional should handle – like assembling a piece of furniture. So, if you are looking to put together a piece of new furniture that’s just been delivered to you, contact Furniture Assembly Services today.

Furniture Assembly Services collaborates with a network of more than 120 skilled and experienced professionals who’re adept in building and assembling flat pack.

Our assemblers, many of whom are proficient cabinet makers and professional carpenters, can also piece together garden play and fitness equipment, and Wendy houses.

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